Past Belli Society Events

72nd Annual Melvin M. Belli Society Seminar
Friday, July 26, 2019, 9 AM - 5 PM
Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, CA
1 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA, 92101
Indigo Ballroom E, F

Open to any Plaintiff Attorney
Free of Charge, No Registration Required

Top trial lawyers sharing winning strategies. Re-charge your batteries. Get dozens of dynamite court tested ideas, expert visuals. 

Program (Click here to view the full program)
Chair: Linda Miller Atkinson, Co-moderators: Steve Gursten, Eric Romano

Mastering New Challenges


David Arbogast, San Carlos, CA
Compensating Injured Workers: Tort struggles with the Grand Bargain

Tom Doehrman, Indianapolis, IN
"Let Witnesses Speak at Summary Judgement & Mediation"

Kent Buckingham, Midland, TX
"Anatomy of a $73 Million Dollar Verdict"

Stephanie Andre, Tampa, FL 
Relationships & Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tactics Build the Practice

Conal Doyle, Beverly Hills, CA
Amputation Injuries: What Damages?

Marion Munley, Scranton, PA
Exaggerated Liability: Punitive Damages in Truck Cases

Jo Fried, Atlanta, GA
No offer? Nasty Remarks? No Problem! $25 Million

Ryan Anderson, Provo, Utah
Maximizing Law Firm Efficiency

Sandra Robinson, Washington, D.C.
South Africa: Lawyers Together

Tad Thomas, Louisville, KY 
Ethics and Social Media

Patrick Malone, Washington, D.C. 
Even 6 year olds count

Tyler Komarnyky, Centennial, CO
The Latest & Greatest Visual Tools

Enrique Martinez, Oakland, CA
Class /Collective Actions: Low Wage Workers Fighting for their Rights

Mark Kosieradski, Plymouth, MN 
Dealing with Deposition Obstruction

Julia Sherwin, Oakland, CA
How to Reform a System with Individual Settlements

David Casey, San Diego, CA
Tony Gwynn v US Tobacco: Handling High Profile Cases

Deborah Chang, Los Angeles, CA
Rosen v UCLA: Universities’ Duty to Protect

Natalie Sticesen, Springfield, NJ 

F. Paul Bland Jr., Washington D.C. 
How to Fight Arbitration & Keep Your Case in Court

Jeff Kroll, Chicago, IL
How Paraplegia + Neuropathic Pain = $148 Million Verdict

Wayne Parsons, Honolulu, HI
Can Lawyers Stop Windows Killing Children

Steve Gursten, Farmington Hills, MI 
Letting Fitbit & Garmin do the talking

Karen Koehler, Seattle, WA
The ‘Ride the Ducks’ Trial: Handling a Mass Transit Disaster

Steve Herman, New Orleans, LA
Why You Need Admiralty

Derrick Walker, Richmond, VA
Inoculating Experts

Linda Lipsen, Washington, D.C. 
Challenges Ahead: Navigating through a Broken DC

Robert J Francavilla, San Diego, CA
Proving Chronic Pain Damages

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